Why We Homeschool. . .

 Thats easy. Because we love our kids. Does this mean I am saying that if you choose to not home school your kids, you do not love your kids as much as we love our kids? Not at all. But you did ask me why we chose to home school and our first reason is  because we love our kids and we think they deserve a lot better than what the current public school system has to offer them.

I lived in Montana when my first child was born and my huband and  I decided that we would home school our son.  So I started doing some research online about home schooling and whether it was legal and where (just in case we moved).

I poured over the internet and soon found out homeschooling is very much legal in every state. Although many people would have you believe that its not.  Then we moved…

We found a lady that had homeschooled her kids and they were in high school at the time.  This helped me to get started as we had A LOT of people tell us they thought it was wrong and we shouldn’t do it.  But I knew, and my husband knew, that this was the right choice for us.

Here is why:

First of all, I believe in God. My faith is important to me and I hope to raise children who not only understand there is a God, but that they can find answers to life in the bible. I cannot, in clear conscience, send my children anywhere where God has been banned. What message would I be sending my kids if I did? I hope to teach my children many things, how to read, about our nations history, etc. but the most important thing I wish to teach my children is to love God and keep him first in their lives.

Second, I want to protect my children from the lack of morals and ethics that seems to run rampent in our society today.  Do I keep my children locked in the house, hoping they will never see/hear/feel evil? No, that would be impossible as well as impractical.  I am taking this short time I have with them and teach them good values that will prepare them to overcome anything they may encounter in their lifetime.
As a parent, I have the right as well as the responsibility to protect my children from anything I deem harmful. I am obligated to keep them safe and  I WANT to keep them safe.

Of course, there other reasons why I homeschool. For example:

-I like spending time with my kids

-I enjoy laughing and learning with them

-I enjoy sharing my beliefs with them.

-I enjoy seeing them grow and change and develop

My time with my children is short. I want to spend every chance I can helping them grow into happy, capable, kind hearted people. I feel that homeschooling gives me the most opportunity to meet these goals. It is not always easy, it takes a lot of time and sometimes, it can be very frustrating. But it has been 100% worth it to not only myself, but our family.

Thank God for the opportunity to homeschool!

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