Weekend Warrior

So I am doing the Currclick get fit with my kids. We study Taekwondo regularly and enjoy working out together. This past weekend we each took our test for our next rank. I had hurt my back earlier and wasn’t sure I could do it. However, I purchased a magnetic back brace from Nikken, and with no pain proceeded to my test raring to go. I was FLAWLESS!!! I didn’t miss a single thing. I was so proud of myself. Then I woke up this morning. Dear God what did I do to myself! My poor fat legs are sooooooo sore along with my hips. Apparently I worked harder in two hours than I normally do. The nice thing is, my back still doesn’t hurt. Yeah for my Nikken Brace!!!! If you are interested check out www.blackbeltusalakewood.com to see pic of the recent test or www.yourwellnesshome.com for more information on Nikken and their amazing products.

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