Newest Adventure Part 1

So my 8 year old has some allergies. He sneezes during the Spring and into the summer, but nothing too horrible. UNTIL…one day he ran through a field of Timothy Grass. Never in my life had I seen a reaction so bad and so quick. Swollen eyes so bad he couldn’t see where he was going. Watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing so badly he almost couldn’t breath. Oh and did I mention he wants a dog…one of the worst animals to get with allergies. So we took him into the doctor (naturopath of course) and had some tests run. Dog allergy…miniscule, so that’s good. Dog stays outside and no one is sneezing AND he still plays with the dogs. Timothy Grass…OFF THE CHART BAD. Not a big surprise there and we already learned how to deal with it naturally. It’s been working great. Essential oils of Lemon,Lavender, and peppermint diffused in his room at night while he sleeps and two capsules a day of the same oils taken. No sneezing, wheezing, or watery eyes.

Now for the challenging part. We found out he has a wheat allergy…and not just one that is easy to deal with. It’s an IEg allergy which makes it similar to a peanut allergy. Interesting that he hasn’t shown any signs or symptoms to this. But then again, it too showed up as a miniscule allergen. The way the doctor talked though, long term, this could become a serious problem for him. I’m glad we believe in God and know from His Word that complete healing is available. Of course our believing needs to be followed by appropriate action.

Thus we begin the adventure of a Wheat Free (aka pretty much gluten-free) way of life. He’ll be re-tested in 8 weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

So how does this work into our homeschool. Well, actually it fits in rather nicely. Andre is taking a baking class this year and we will be able to experiment with lots of new ways to make all our old favorites, as well as try new things. He is so positive about his new diet and can’t wait to try new recipes. First on the list…gluten/wheat-free brownies 😀

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