Wheat Free Learning

We’ve lived through it. We survived it. We even enjoyed ourselves. We spent the week baking, baking, and baking some more (nothing like baking in 100 degree weather 😛 ). Sure it took three tries to get the loaf of bread to LOOK like a loaf of bread. But as they say, the third times the charm :). It was really yummy toasted with peanut butter. That’s all I could get Little A to eat for a couple of days. The cornbread Little A just HAD TO HAVE was scrumptious, at least mom and dad thought so. Little A did not like it. Better luck next time.

Then we went out and got a pasta maker for the KitchenAide mixer. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!! I’m really working hard to make this dietary change as easy as possible on Little A, so we tried our hand at noodles. We made homemade macaroni and cheese. It was the best mac and cheese I have ever eaten. Nothing like fresh pasta to elevate a dish.Little A loved it. He had three…that’s right…three helpings. His two little sisters each had two servings. Clearly they all enjoyed it.

For dessert we tried our hand at wheat free brownies. They were scrumptious and those crazy kids ate the whole pan. You couldn’t even tell they were wheat free. They were super moist and chocolaty.

So all in all I would call it a successful homeschool week as we learned all about baking and changing a recipe. You would be AMAZED at the hands on math that is necessary when changing up a recipe. We are looking forward to the week ahead and trying a new route of eating a raw diet. It’s going to be too hot to bake much, but we are making a raw apple pie, so Little A can get his baking class in. 🙂