So…it’s been a few weeks since I lasted posted here.  We have been busy.  We had spring break and the the kids went to some classes at the local bookstore.  We learned all about volcanoes…Caleb can’t get enough now.  I had to go and find out how to make one like on the episode of the “The Brady Bunch” so he can make it explode.  We will work on that this week.
Then we learned about planting gardens and growing our own food along with composting…both boys can’t wait to jump into that.  This Thursday (earth day) we are going to make ready our garden to plant.  We’ll see how this goes.  The last few years we’ve tried and failed miserably.  But it’s a new year and a new beginning.
The art class and the animals from the zoo were Andre’s favorite classes.  He just loves animals and loves learning about them.  Erin also loves animals.  Jadin and Caleb, not so much.  They are too busy to stop and watch.  Perhaps we will squeeze in a trip to the zoo on Friday. 
I just LOVE homeschooling and am so blessed to have the freedom to do this.  It is so much fun to hang with my kids and watch them grow and learn.  I especially love those “A-HA” moments when they finally grasp the lesson or learn something new.
Here’s to a new week of adventures…

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